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Lauren and Christy

Episode 6: Music MAYhem Part 2

May 22, 2018

Don’t stop the music! This episode is jam-packed with more music-themed ideas for storytime. We share some more of our favorite recorded songs, discuss new books, and present rhymes, songs, games,…

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Episode 5: Music MAYhem Part 1

May 7, 2018

Summer is almost here, so let’s turn up the volume because libraries rock! In this episode, we drop a beat and demonstrate how to incorporate rap into storytime, share some of our favorite recorded songs…

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Episode 4: Bug-tastic Storytime Ideas

May 6, 2018

We’re gettin’ buggy with it! (Na na na na nana na, Na na na na nana)    Discussions include adventures in beekeeping & our love of insects (well, not love exactly), as well as bee-utiful rhymes, songs, and activities to light up your storytimes. Also, more details about the…

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Episode 3: Out in the Garden!

Are you in the (farmers’) market for garden storytime ideas? In this episode, we discuss garden-themed storytime ideas, as well as new books and upcoming kidlit titles. Other topics include the Storybook Ball and April Fools’ Day pranks. Berry exciting.  Picture…

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Episode 2: Rain and Green Storytime Ideas

Okay guys, we had so much fun recording the first episode that this time we talked an hour longer!   April showers bring rain and green-themed storytimes, and this episode is chock-full of rain, rainbow,…

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Episode 1: Love-Themed Storytime Ideas

We are thrilled to premiere Storytime Out Loud, your source for fresh storytime ideas, new books, kidlit sneak peeks, & a whole lot of fun! Topics in this episode include The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, picture…

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