S2E1: Halloween Spooktacular Part 1

October 15, 2018

If you love Halloween, clap your hands (clap, clap!!)! Join us as we kick off Season 2 with our favorite Halloween storytime ideas, filled with ghosts, monsters, witches and more. Then tune in next time for part 2 – it’s scary good.

You can listen to this episode on iTunes, StitcherSoundCloud – or listen to it below! This page also has the rhymes, songs, links, and books we discussed. Party!

We are thrilled to be back after our summer hiatus! We were a little rusty and couldn’t figure out how to set up the recording equipment, and then realized we plugged the recorder into the printer. Oops!

The episode started off with us reminiscing about one of our favorite scary shows back in the day – Are You Afraid of the Dark? The intro is STILL creepy, and there’s even an episode about a ghostly librarian who traps all of the kids’ voices in her supernatural box because NO NOISE IN THE LIBRARY! AAHH!

Storytime Selections:

Halloween storytimes are some of our favorites of the entire year! Our library system does a whole week of Halloween-themed storytimes called Halloween Hoot. We have our regularly scheduled storytimes, plus a few additional times we add in the evenings. One of the best parts is that we get to do these with a partner, which is so fun. After storytime is the costume parade complete with trick-or-treating. We take the kids to various stations (ie decorated book carts), and they get treats like goldfish, gummies, bubbles, and spider rings.

One of the books we usually read during Halloween Hoot is Just Say Boo! by Susan Hood. It’s interactive and there are lots of opportunities for participation, including (you guessed it!) saying BOO!!!

Our other read aloud is I’m the Scariest Thing in the Castle by Kevin Sherry. We digitized the pages and added them to our PowerPoint since it’s a board book and too small for our groups to see. This book is a great length for Halloween storytime, and is super fun to act out as a pair. One person is the bat and the other person is all the other characters.

Hooky Spooky:

If you can Hokey Pokey, you can Hooky Spooky!

Halloween storytime

Five Little Pumpkins:

This rhyme would be fun to do with pumpkin flannels or just on your fingers. Try having someone turn off the lights right when everyone gives a big clap at “and out went the lights.” It adds a lot of something and the kids think it’s magic!

Halloween storytime five little pumpkins

Ten Little Witches:

Tell the kids we’re going to count all the way up to ten and then all the way back down. Counting backwards quickly on your fingers is surprisingly difficult!

Halloween storytime ten little witches

Spooky Hands:

Get the kids settled for a story with this spooktastic rhyme.

Halloween storytime

If You Love Halloween:

We use a recorded version of this song, but you can sing it without music. For the last verse, have everyone jump up and down at the say trick or treat part.

Halloween storytime

The More We Boo Together:

Sway side to side while singing a ghostly version of “The More We Get Together.”

Halloween storytime


Listener Contribution!!!

Katie Jackman, the Family Literacy Coordinator for the Region of Waterloo Library, sent us an awesome idea for a Halloween storytime activity/craft. We love that it’s simple to implement, but has a wow factor! Here’s what she shared:

Here is a Halloween idea for my storytimes. I have done this over the past couple of years and the families love it. This time of year, stores carry black light bulbs. You can get them really cheap at some dollar stores (in Canada Dollarama has them). I brought in an old lamp from home, and put the black light bulb it in instead. When we did our art activity, we used white and glow in the dark paints to paint a secret Halloween picture. Then the kids could come and look at it in the black light to see what their picture looks like. The best scenario for this is using a dark box around the lamp, or if you have an area where you can close the curtains and make it really dark so you can see the pictures.

Book Buzz:

Laurie Berkner pairs the lyrics of her hit song with Ben Clanton’s whimsical illustrations in this groovy and adorable picture book—a must-have for fans of Laurie, dancing, and all things monstrous! Read or sing this book in storytime for a monster-themed book that’s more fun than scary, and will get all the kids dancing and singing along.

Look at those eyes! This board book features cutouts and large googly eyes, sure to catch kids’ attention (who doesn’t love googly eyes??). Pout-Pout Fish tries on different Halloween costumes, from a caped superhero to a grinning ghost to a cheery-cheery mummy. A cute read for baby and toddler storytime.

Join us next time for more Halloween ideas in Part 2!

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