S2E3: Hello Fall

November 5, 2018

It’s Fall, y’all!  In this episode we share some favorite storytime ideas with autumn vibes, including rhymes about falling leaves, frisky squirrels, and hiding pumpkins.

You can listen to this episode on iTunes, StitcherSoundCloud – or listen to it below! This page also has the rhymes, songs, links, and books we discussed. Party!

Storytime Selections

Autumn Leaves:

Five Little Apples:

Frisky Little Squirrel:

If You Like to Munch Apples:

Out in the Garden:

Ten Red Apples:

Brown Squirrel:

Three Little Leaves:


Listener Contributions

Autumn Winds:

@erinreadsandknits suggested using scarves with this spoken rhyme. You can move the scarves or your hands downward quickly and then slowly, shake the scarves or roll your arms all around, and then touch the ground.

Leaves Are Falling:

@mtmolloy sent in this song to the tune of London Bridge. She said she likes doing this with scarves and waving them to the ground. Fun!

She also recommends reading Leaf Man.

Where Is…?

Kelly (@momcatkelly) sent us this fun hiding game, which uses leaves and her mascot. Here’s what she shared:

I love using this leaf rhyme for Fall and Color themed Storytimes! I start with three different colored leaves printed on 8.5×11 sheets of paper and laminated. Then I “hide” an animal under one of the leaves, or other object, depending on what we are reading or the signs I want to reinforce. Typically, it is a photo of our mascot – “Hopkins” – a little green frog. I tell the kids I need their help finding him! Then we sing: (Tune: Frere Jacques) “Where is Hopkins? Where is Hopkins? There he is! (Point to one of the leaves) There he is! Hiding under Red Leaf, Hiding under Red Leaf, Look and see! Look and See!” Then I lift up the Red Leaf off the board, and nothing is there, so we sing again until we find him. So fun and easy!

Mary sent in some great ideas for Fall read alouds. She said:

My favorite is Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson.  I also have a flannel story that I use for Fall is Not Easy, the kids go nuts for that.


Book Buzz

It’s time to build! Tail high, Construction Cat kisses her family goodbye and goes to work with the other cats on a construction site. They lug lumber and pound nails, they saw, sand, and sweep the dust, all to build a truly paw-some park that they can’t wait to share with friends and family!

The Thank You Book explores the many ways we can be thankful for the pleasures great and small that await us every day. Tender and poetic, it reflects on the role gratitude can play in our lives and celebrates the powerful impact it can have on us.

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